Where do you engage?


Financial institutions need to connect in different ways

Finance lacks the “shiny appeal” that other business verticals offer consumers. It’s a business built on need. Nobody gets excited when they hear the word “bank”. To combat this, financial institutions hit on the same themes and tactics over and over.

Build for the future. Hope for tomorrow. We’re the bank that cares. Messages are getting blurred, so how do you connect? Today’s consumers are eager to engage with new experiences. Give them a unique way to do it.

chaos free moments create positive disruption

When the housing bubble burst, The Credit Unions of Washington chose a different approach. Rather than speak directly to the disaster, they positioned themselves as ambassadors of peaceful moments by launching a campaign featuring Chaos Free Moments. The campaign included print ads, television commercials, and social media.

All the media lead up to an event that captured the attention of Seattle, the state of Washington and national news. The campaign demonstrated that the credit unions understood what their customers truly needed, a break from financial woe. The campaign and event resulted in tens of thousands of new credit union members.

it’s a great day to fly 126 kites

The Chaos Free Moments campaign’s star was a surprise art installation in the middle of downtown Seattle where an artist filled the sky with 126, thirty-foot long kites. The awe-inspiring scene was covered by every media outlet in the state and picked up nationally. An aggregator page collected thousands of tweets and promoted hundreds of photo contests, creating millions of unpaid media impressions and organic awareness and engagement