What do you stand for?

Packaged Goods

with brand loyalty shrinking, packaged goods need to step up

Today consumers are not afraid to try something different. It’s no longer a market based on brand loyalty to what you grew up with, but instead a group that focuses on which product best fits their life.

Price. Philosophy. Sourcing. Ingredients. Flavor. It all matters. So how do you grab the audience’s attention?

authenticity can be hilarious

When two MBA grads created Schilling Hard Cider and entered the growing craft cider market, they launched under a strategy that was as unique as it was authentic, Cider from MBAs. Humorous, innovative tactics were created to engage new consumers, bring awareness to the cider and extend a start-up budget looking for greater distribution.

The brand produced coasters with QR codes linking funny, political style cartoons to live action video versions of them. The self-depreciating humor and story of chasing a business school dream connected. At the end of their 3-month launch period, the cider’s distribution expanded from Seattle all the way into bordering states.

create a buzz through unique tactics

Green Mountain Coffee was making a push to get their K-cup single coffee fill technology on the short list for corporate offices. One of their lead generation methods was sampling tours, but these tours are often ignored as workers head straight to their standby coffee spot for breaks. The Yawn No More Green Mountain Coffee K-cup tour was created to bring awareness and engaging entertainment to its busy, business audience. This successful campaign brought in corporate leads while showing thousands of Philadelphians just how inspirational a K-cup can be.