What makes you different?


Points-of-difference have never been more important in tech

In the technology industry, “me too” reigns supreme. Every breakthrough is immediately copied. The constant catering to consumer demands have made new technology products commodity plays. In this constant state of catch up, the industry’s marketing voice has been homogenized. 

So how do you stand out to your target? Now more than ever, technology-focused brands need to define ownable positions in the market and communicate a value that fulfills a need.

a phone becomes a GoPro

With the acquisition of Nokia in 2014, Windows Phone became a leader in smart phone imagery. The Nokia Icon launched with a 20MP video camera, something no smart phone could match. So how do you demonstrate just how good this is? The phones were rigged like GoPros in different action sports. The strategy spoke to the target in their language. Use the Icon to film your “Sickest Day Yet.” The grassroots social campaign netted over 100,000 Facebook likes and began to position the Windows phone as the video choice.

a feature filled mother’s day

How do you captivate a young audience with a social Mother’s Day campaign promoting features of a phone? You take the famous “Yo Mama” jokes, and put a positive spin on them. The posts on Twitter and Facebook brought smiles, laughter, tens of thousands of likes, and helped substantially increase the social community to over 5,000,000.