How do you look?


Luxury brands need to get personal

The world of luxury has changed for consumers. It is no longer a question of price and status, but instead, how something makes you feel. The industry is rooted in rich and refined visuals.


A connection must be made with the audience that triggers emotion and speaks directly to them on a personal level. How can a brand give that personal attention? Your brand shouldn’t be static; it should radiate life.

likes and love create organic growth

For 65 years, Ed Levin Jewelry has inspired a loyal legion of followers by creating designs that serve as functional pieces of art. Recently the brand’s growth had plateaued. By leveraging the power of social media to beautifully highlight each new piece’s personal, emotional connection in their “Distinctly” campaign, the brand experienced incredible organic social growth. The likes went up 250% over the past year, with shares increasing 230% on average.

distinct impact

The new branding created a look and feel Ed Levin loyalists rallied around. Each piece’s unique style spoke to a deeper connection that each consumer had with the brand.┬áThe social posts keep the jewelry hero, allowing fans to picture the pieces on themselves, encouraging likes and shares.

In-store campaigns continued to champion the beauty and breadth of the campaign, offering stopping power to captivate audience consumers.