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February 17, 2017


Social media has become an integrated part of business and personal affairs, and it is evolving once again. The days of being able to post free material about your business and getting traction for it is just about over.

I’m sure you are aware social media is flooded. Facebook alone has 1.86 billion monthly active users globally, with roughly 3 million businesses actively advertising on the platform. That’s a lot of business posts storming your newsfeed!

So what’s this mean for you, the company looking to bust into the social scene with little-to-no experience in the landscape and possibly an even smaller budget?

The answer is baby steps and an allocated budget, even a small one for starters. To break through the noise, you have to have frequent content with purpose, that is boosted (aka paid for). It’s unfortunate, but in the past three years Facebook posts’ organic reach has seriously declined, meaning that if you aren’t putting money in, you aren’t getting much out.

Here’s a tip to get started: Once you have a campaign and post strategy ready to go, try putting $25 a week into your social media campaign.

See your organic reach grow and your engagement levels rise. But know, just putting money into your campaign will not guarantee success. There is strategy and planning that goes into a successful social media campaign that includes the type of content, timing and your target audience, but that is for another blog post.

Happy Posting!

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Daniella Connelly

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