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May 10, 2016


This is really happening. Before we get flying cars.

There is a writing platform called Wordsmith from Automated Insights that produces upwards of 3,000 articles per quarter for the AP, and thousands more for different brands. Reading some of the sample articles revealed clear, concise and not too shabby prose.

Uh oh.

As a man whose been paid to write for the last twenty years or so, this technology is a bit frightening. I’ve known writers that were able to pump out 25 scripts in a day, a Brobdingnagian feat. Wordsmith can crank out up to 2,000 articles per second, 100% decaffeinated.

Automated Insight’s client list would be the envy of any agency. Comcast, Google, Allstate, American Airlines and Coca Cola are all part of the robot writing revolution. Are you one of the millions who participate in Yahoo Fantasy Football and read those fun-filled game recaps?

Written by your league’s pigskin loving A.I.

In an article by The Verge’s Ross Miller (card-carrying human), both the AP and Automated Insight’s claim that no writer has lost their job to Wordsmith, yet. And we still hold some major advantages.

Take heart, copywriters, content writers, information architects and journalists of the free world. Wordsmith can’t come up with story ideas, script dialogue, or offer deep, nuanced thought. It produces content based solely on data.

When will this all change? Hopefully not until I’m flying my Honda into the bright blue yonder.

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Stephen Hindley

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