The Power of Humility



February 24, 2016


With the presidential primary season in full swing and the associated bravado never ending, it seemed to be a good time to explore the value of humility in leadership.

Over the last several years, there have been studies conducted and books written on effective leadership styles. Vision, strength and charisma are often on the list, but humility doesn’t always make the cut.

For some, being humble, can be seen as a sign of weakness. However, the evidence is clear that there is tremendous power in creating an environment where sharing the spotlight, letting others succeed and encouraging all to contribute can yield personal, cultural and even financial benefits. Here are a few tips.

Share your mistakes as teachable moments.

It’s in those moments of failure where we often find our most valuable learnings. Don’t keep that to yourself. You’ll find that sharing the lessons learned makes you more human and as a result, your team will be more willing to take a risk.

Be open to other opinions.

Keep an open mind and go into meetings ready to learn. It will set you up to be a great listener and will usually result in something that you hadn’t really thought about.

Embrace uncertainty.

There are times when numbers and measurements are a necessity but there are also times when you have to make that leap of faith and go with your gut. Bravery can take many forms.

Let people do their jobs.

Hiring great people and letting them do their jobs is empowering. Follow someone else every once in a while and you’ll find that you have a whole new view.

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Daniella Connelly

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